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Sleep and Diabetes: Is There a Connection?

Sleep and Diabetes: Is There a Connection?

One of the first things they’ll ask in a walk-in clinic if you have high blood sugar levels is how you’ve slept. It’s because poor sleep compromises effective diabetes management. It also increases your risk of developing the disease. Lack of sleep, in particular, affects how your body creates and uses insulin

Insulin is the hormone responsible for regulating our body’s blood sugar. If our body cannot use insulin, it cannot effectively absorb blood glucose. This then causes higher blood sugar levels. If sleep deprivation continues, our body will develop insulin resistance and cause blood sugar levels to build. If you already have diabetes, this can lead to kidney damage and cardiovascular diseases. 

Sleep is important. We’ve learned this time and again. Though diabetic medical supply in Ontario, Canada is available, don’t use that as an excuse to deprive yourself of sleep. Effective diabetes management doesn’t only rely on drugs. Your lifestyle plays an important role, too. 

Get enough sleep, exercise, and eat healthy foods. You can also ask a prescription pharmacy in Thorold, Ontario for advice.

If you need tips in the effective management of diabetes, Court Street Pharmacy is glad to answer your questions. As your trusted Pharmacy in St. Catharines, Ontario, we only wish for your continued good health. Talk to us!

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