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Dietary Supplements for COVID-19: Is There Such Thing?

Dietary Supplements for COVID-19: Is There Such Thing?

Nowadays, a lot of information has been circulating the web about the effectiveness of dietary supplements and vitamins in fighting the Coronavirus. Unfortunately, these are not true.

Despite numerous blogs saying that vitamin C, vitamin D, zinc, silver, and elderberries can be used in treating the coronavirus, no significant evidence proves these claims. These supplements can indeed help boost the immune system; however, it’s not advisable to rely on them as a treatment for COVID-19.

So, before you buy any medical supply in Ontario, Canada claiming that it’s effective in fighting COVID-19, talk to your pharmacists first. Remember, pharmacists are not only there to dispense your prescription medications, but they’re also there to provide invaluable information about your medications and your health.

For that, you can always rely on us at Court Street Pharmacy, your trusted pharmacy in St. Catharines, Ontario. We’ll provide the up-to-date, evidence-based information you need. Whether it’s about COVID-19 safety precautions or general information about your medication, our pharmacists will be there to answer your questions.

Don’t let misinformation cost you your health. Talk to us today or visit our walk-in clinic for a consultation. We’re here to help keep you healthy and safe.

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